The Poisoned Ink Well

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Now, I’m blogging again and I am tired of talking about Ric, not really tired, as in, bored, but tired as in, it’s too much emotional baggage right now. It’s more than I am prepared to handle. You can put your feelings behind you and they still come with you. I didn’t know this. Chalk it up to experience.

(We traveled a thousand miles
To visit a hometown
that wasn’t mine
To take my son to visit the grave
of a father that he never really knew)

After Ohio for Ric

Before we left Port Clinton.
Ed and I went to Ric’s grave.
We pushed back the stone
and left our armbands
from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
a picture of Ed smiling with his new found cousins
and a bunch of Mardi Gras beads
from a New Orleans parade
Ed wrote on the side of the tombstone,
“Daddy I love you“.
It felt strange to leave him there
it was sooo unRiclike
to be reduced to a formal name
on a gray piece of stone,
I was glad we jazzed it up for him.

Mel Zetzer