The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, June 16, 2003

The right to choose and welfare reform.

I am not abdicating responsibility for my self or my predicaments, but I’m not apologizing for them either. It’s just simply the way it was and is for my son and me. I once tried to argue with a young conservative republican about childhood nutrition programs using my own situation as an example. He wanted to know and I quote. “ Who is to blame? Who is at fault? And Who done you wrong?” I told him that my child was not a fault and that babies are one situation where two wrongs do make a right; a right to eat, a right to have shelter, and a right to choose, and to be able to make a decision that is not based on your lack of food or lack of shelter. You won’t find my soft and fuzzy logic in any algebra equations, or technical manuals. I think that is why men don’t understand and they continue to gut the safety nets that women like me need in order to survive and to make choices.