The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, June 02, 2010



The evil is rampant
I think of going home helping
Breathe in deeep a life so far
One more time
The mighty Mississippi is a sewage line
The Gulf of Mexico already a large toilet bowl
Chemical plants line the riverside from Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Another Bhopal
is waiting
Just around the corner
from the Louisiana State Capital

in an area nicknamed

The CC or (Chemical Corridor)
in North Baton Rouge
Exxon Refinery and many other chemical plants
like the infamous Honeywell
sit across the street
from people's homes, Elementary Schools.
Churches, and Daycares
for those unlucky enough
to live, attend school or work there

It's always
another Day, another
CC lockdown
Better known as the shelter in place rule
every time there is a chemical spill .

Reminds you of those 50's short self defense films
where everybody hides under a table until the atom bomb
blast is over.
You know the curtains blow a little,
so does the cloth on the table, but everything is intact
and junior, mom, and dad are just fine and go on cooking dinner like nothing happened.

No rare incurable cancers, or childhood Leukemia's to see here folks just move along.

It's exactly like that during CC lockdowns.

And they actually tell you to
stuff towels under your door.

The worst part is that
You can't leave or flee
even if you want too
the state troopers
block the entrances to the interstate.

worked for Multi-national Corporations and harassed citizens.

Terrified citizens who want to run as far as they can from the latest deadly toxin are stopped and told to go home to wait.

It’s over and over
And worse things
are waiting
Watch how they act and what they do.
Responding to the supposed non- crisis

But don’t be as surprised the next time
Tragedy Strikes at their hands
Chernobyl, Ukraine, Alaska
3 Mile Island
These man made disasters
Are disgusting

Especially when you know
greedy, spoiled. children posing as men
are at the bottom of this oil slick
(or at least we wish they were down there
plugging the fucking hole. )

I think we should take Tony Heywood
and the rest of the Corporate Heads at BP
(pun and punishment intended)
and put them on spikes at the mouth of the Mississippi
Their bodies forever incased in cement
Around the well at the bottom of the GOM
As a warning for what happens
if you fuck with U.S.

I'm just saying

They maybe better off in prison isolation
then left to the kind of justice they really deserve

And Cheney, Bush and so many before them and with them
So many years, closed door handshakes, hand jobs, blow jobs
and enough other kinds of blow
to sustain any fisherman's family for at least a 100 years.

That's why no one worried about the blow out preventer's at the MMS
They were too busy letting BP and big oil be blow out enablers
at the MMS

Don’t blame this one on Obama
We all know who started it

But who are we going to hold responsible for how it ends
if it ever does.