The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

*Reposted from an earlier dated with additions.*

REDNECK FREE ZONE (Warning this blog has been chemically treated)

Here, I am again in Arkansas and the rednecks hate me, as usual. They come after me with pit bulls, kids, and boyfriends with rebel flags on the front of their pick up trucks. They breed and breed, so I am always out numbered. They don’t attend school or have any goals other than how to produce the next batch of Meth and who sell it to, so they have lots of time on their hands. The police look the other way and I can’t even get into my drive because someone is letting their dogs run loose on my property.

I’m declaring my blog a REDNECK FREE ZONE. No rednecks are allowed anywhere on this page.

WARNING: if you tote a rebel flag, if you married your cousin, live in the south, and have bunches of kids, if you have a pit bull without a collar or a leash,

This blog has been chemically treated against all forms of rednecks and within 20 seconds your hard drive will self destruct, your sperm count will fall, and your children will marry outside of your immediate family, and will begin to seek higher education ( higher than 6th grade). Your dog will die. Your meth lab will spontaneously combust. A democrat will be elected governor of your state. The tax on beer will be placed at 50% and snuff and dip will be declared illegal and hunting season will be cancelled until further notice.