The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, November 18, 2002

My Father’s Funeral in Baton Rouge December 1985 (True Story)

Brass handles
Pine, burnished, stained, shine, glowing
Your face looked like
One last peaceful spring day.

They saw your obituary
They had no respect for you
Jack booted feet crashing on green shag carpet
With eyes so much deader then yours
Yours are closed in sleep.

People were there to honor you
Family, friends, colleagues,
Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Uncles
You were wearing your favorite tuxedo.
They were wearing uniforms
City, State, and Parish
Storm troopers
Shotguns cocked and ready
Holsters empty, guns drawn.

They came into the funeral home
They looked you at laying there.

They shouted at my mother
My mother fainted and fell on the floor
She hit her head
We got her up and gave her some water
They didn’t offer to call an ambulance for her
They yelled at her some more.

They threatened to arrest everybody
They didn't arrest anybody.
They left after hours
We all wept some more
The same expression was your face before and after.

We buried you the next day
The club showed up to see you off
I was so proud of them
Three 1955 T-Bird convertibles
(You bought yours brand new)
Red, yellow, and black with their tops down
Followed your hearse

Winding slowly down Florida Boulevard
To Greenoaks Memorial Graveyard
Traffic stopped in Baton Rouge on that day.
People smiled and waved at the procession as it passed.
It looked more like a Parade.


(It has taken me so long to write about this. You know the police raiding the funeral really happened, we filed reports with internal affairs with no results and my mother talked to the Sheriff who denied that it happened. To this day they have never said they were sorry. If you had known my father Eddie B. you would have known one of the nicest, funniest, sweetest, gentlest men that ever lived and they can't change that. He is, he was, and he always will be my favorite man on earth.It did happen and there were many, many witnesses, there were two other wakes going on at the same time so it wasn't only our family that witnessed this. They came in armed and ready for trouble, it was miracle that they left without harming anyone. I don't talk about this because as you can understand I am terrified of the police force. )

Just think reader (if there are any) if the establishment in Baton Rouge ever reads this Blog, they are going to kill me, Hahahahahahahahah walks off laughing like a lunatic into the night.


Just a minute, reader as I collect my thoughts and pick up the stones cast at me by one of the very best law firms (that money can buy) in the capital city of that state.

Let us just for moment imagine the State Capital Building in Louisiana, built by Huey Long to be the tallest in the nation as one very large glass house. A very tall drink, if you will, half full of scoundrels and oil men, and half empty of good law abiding citizens of that state.

Notorious alcoholics and womanizers that they are, Louisiana politicians are not so different from those in other places, perhaps it’s the extremes and the mania of carnival that brings out the horniness in all the whore mongers and if you happened by T.D.'s lounge at the Hilton you could have sat next to any of them.

My thoughts before Yet another Louisiana Election

I had said in an earlier blog that the problem with Louisiana politicians is that they depend on a segment of the population with criminal ties, (that being a large group of prostitutes, drug dealers, and con artist, gamblers, or what have you) that have for years made it their business to be in the right and left hand pockets of our esteemed elected officials at the state capital.

Consider the average member of the electorate in Louisiana as someone with poor education and job opportunities and couple that with our lawmakers for profit motive for imprisoning it’s own citizens in paying facilities (They used to call them the poor houses in Dickens days)

Then let us consider the average dead voters in a typical Louisiana election, those being people who have already died of some horrible cancer or disease caused by their exposure to the chemicals that are dumped, made, and processed in that state, yet they still vote for their favorite Louisiana politician, that being the one who (allowed the industries in) and probably caused their deaths, anyway.

Now, readers I am back again to the same proposition, as I consider my long ago ties to that group of men, whom I know haven’t changed one wit with time, whether they fly under this banner, or that one; always using the winds of change as a barometer to decide issues left or right. (We have all seen them do this by sticking their middle finger up their anal orifice and then holding it up to the wind (the populace) to see which side the feces dries on first)

It smells like there might be a right wind blowing in Louisiana this year!

This isn't me talking, it's those damn pesky little voices in my head, and damn them, they learned to type and spell, too.

{{{I will close this chapter for now as I intend to write more in private. If the gossips of Baton Rouge wish to speak then let them. I can no longer live there or even feel free in my associations in that town. I loved one man in my entire life and lost him due to similar circumstances in his background. If it is true that misery loves company, then my only company is my pen and my bitter memories of my time in Louisiana.}}}}

Enough of this, reader and know that whatever kind of woman I have become, I do owe to it all to the auspices of the Louisiana Legislature. So ask those noble men of Baton Rouge what they think of me, raised as I was since being a very young lady at the knee of most of those great and esteemed gentlemen.

Smile for the camera, flash, clique.

Imagine me, an idealistic powder puff of a young, (a very young woman) thrown into the midst of the power brokers of the state. Now, coming from a good family and having a formidable parentage did not stop the invitations, but I have always known the difference between teasing and sleazy even if those good men of our state ship did not.