The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, December 06, 2004


Tip of the Iceberg:
How Republicans MOCK the VOTE

The Great Voter Disenfranchisement of 2004

Over all there were 34862 incidents of voting irregularities reported;
these included machine malfunction/errors, disability access problem,
and voter's being harassed at the polling stations.

Nationwide 24842 incidents of voting irregularities were reported on Election Day.
(Election Incident Reporting System: 1-866-OUR-VOTE through this hotline/
many other incidents have since surfaced and are still surfacing with public hearings)

1414 incidents of voter intimidation were reported Election Day with 201
incidents in Ohio, 252 incidents in Pennsylvania and 223 incidents in Florida.

If you delve further into this site you’ll see that many harassment incidents were
reported under other poll related problems (2531 incidents/ everything from
scuffles, to police involvement, to rude workers, challengers, and long lines) which
would bring the figure quite a bit higher.

In Cuyahoga County, OH there are over 46 incidents of intimidation, many are
cases of police harassment and intimidation by Republican poll challengers.

In Broward County, FL many instances of police intimidation and first hand
accounts of Republican poll challengers harassing voters.

I grew up believing that my country was special and that voting was a sacred
civic responsibility, and now they tell us that this election was all about Morals, yet
what the Bush supporters did to mock our voting rights and deny us our right
to access the voting booth is Immoral and wrong and I am ashamed of our media
and our representatives and the power elite in both parties for refusing to acknowledge
that these problems went on with this election. I won't shut up and I won't stop writing
about this.