The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I found this one last year in a family bible. I didn’t know that he had written it. It was written on the back of a letter ( I had never turned the letter over or seen it until then) with an envelope postmarked Denver in 1991. I tried to get in touch with him in 2001 after I read this poem and I found out that he had died of a heart attack in 1994. He was only 33. He wrote it to me and our son.

NO more Games or Realization Finally-
(A Prayer)

Realization, Finally!

There I was out on the road
Lonely and cold with nowhere to go
Then came trouble
I went out with ones I thought were my friends
Said the fun never ends
I don’t know where it began
And my Mamma said
“Jesus died on that tree for you and for me
So that we could be free and live eternally”
Now I’ve had a rough time
All through my life
I got in fights with my wife
Who gave me a son
Such a beautiful one
And that’s when I began
To know what love Is
This next part might not all rhyme
But I’ve decided it’s time
To put God in my life
And I pray that my son and my wife
Are together and safe
Wherever they may be
And that they may find God, too
And I pray that we get back together
And be a real family

R. Zetzer (03-1961) to (09-1994)

I said a while back that I had some of Ric’s poetry. Here’s one. He wrote this one in jail. His Mother said there are more verses to it. This is what I have. Most of what he wrote had music, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have that.

Trip Through the Lair

I write a million letters
I never get replies
There are few familiar faces
in this little world of lies.

Shadows dim of strangers
And long forgotten fears
Once considered dangerous
over many, many years.

Silver rings of Purgatory
Set inside a rock
The years blend together differently
My God unplug this clock

Another screaming metaphor
Running in the night
With Armageddon's door ajar
And God's eternal light.

A martyr played the odds again
I never won a hand
Now I’m a stationary traveler
In never, never land.

R. Zetzer ( 03-1961) to (09-1994)