The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, January 19, 2004


Freaks of technology now on digital. Watch your favorite celebrity as they fart, pick their nose, and scratch their ass, 24/7 coming soon to your TV.

I sometimes think about the odd assortment of people that pass by my TV window everyday, and I think of how we used to go to the carnival, and witness freaks of nature and side shows, and now we have the freaks of technology, instead; the un-elusive celebrity culture, so sure that everyone wants to be like them, but most people watch with a grotesque fascination once reserved for two headed cows, bearded ladies, and the world‘s smallest man and I think we view this in the same way we did when we went to the carnival, observing only to reassure ourselves that we are the normal ones because after all we’re not the ones on display.

Please note that even with the advent of digital channels, our celebrity population seems to be increasing at alarming rates with the massive over breeding that seems going on amongst the indigenous population of so-called show people and it may be necessary at some point to tag them (perhaps a silver tag on the ear) and track their mating habits and introduce new forms of birth control so as to ensure they will not over populate existing broad band channels and eventually trample FTC airwaves and depopulate by starving off local dinner theater fare.