The Poisoned Ink Well

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Let me tell you what I think of the situation in New Orleans with the doctors and nurses at Tenet Memorial Hospital.

I think they should prosecute Michael Brown, everyone at Fema, President Bush, Donald, Dick and all the little duckies and everyone who was truly negligent during that hurricane.

Foti should be going after the people who had command over the helicopters and the boats and the food and the water.

Our government practiced their version of mercy killing in the ninth ward.

Or this was pure unintended negligence,


either way

if they go after doctors and nurses then they should prosecute and pursue prosecutions at the
highest levels of our federal government for their utter incompetence

We know who killed New Orleans and it wasn’t the doctors and nurses.

IMPEACH BUSH for his negligence during Katrina!

Let's prosecute the guilty parties.