The Poisoned Ink Well

Thursday, January 16, 2003

The Zetzer Bowling Alley

I’ve seen a picture of it
All black and white and red
Every chair in place
The bar in the back
Every glass hangs shining
Circa 1963
I think
Opening day
His sons have it hanging on their wall
So, It’s still a favorite hang out
Stalwart sons remember and know
And understand the pride
Of their father
Gone for years
Condo parking lot for the rich
You used to be a bowling alley
You were working class
At it’s utmost
And in the picture you still look accessible
To everyone
Brown wooden chairs and stools
Maroon colored plush cushions
Champagne bottles and glasses on the bar
You were
All that to young men growing up
In the alleyways
All polished, waxed, gleaming
What an example you set
Pinned to their walls now
Gone before your time
Like your owner.