The Poisoned Ink Well

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Better RED than dead.

I feel the need to explain myself to those of you who may now believe that red means Republican, it doesn’t and I realize that I am a bit old fashion in my own fashion of political idealism and purposeful naivety. There are those of us out there that still believe in a utopian philosophy of socialism, and who still adhere to the tenets of Marxism, and who aren’t afraid to express ourselves, which I know makes me a little crazy, but frankly between you and me; I could give a fuck if someone disagrees, or doesn’t understand my viewpoints, but don’t steal my vibrant red stance with your blue and red state media blitz, CNN/FOX/MSNBC, because there are many of us out there who still remember and still believe, and who realize that things like minimum wage, child labor laws, and workplace safety standards would have never been enacted in to laws without a good push of Marxist ideology . By hijacking the red label I feel like the modern media ideologues of capitalist expansion, and free market wankerism, are trying to make it all moot, like that era never existed, and by doing so, are going try and make the reforms non existent as well, so call me what you may, but don’t you dare call me a Republican because I call myself a RED.