The Poisoned Ink Well

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Another chemical spill at Honeywell, another chemical spill, shut the plant down, and pass the chemo around; it’s another chemical spill.

2theadvocate > News > Acid spill at Honeywell plant hurts 2 workers 08/14/03
Acid spill at Honeywell plant hurts 2 workers

This is the third accident at the chemical plant in just more than three weeks. Honeywell will be cited with a civil violation by State Police for failure to report Wednesday's accident in a timely manner, Trooper Johnnie Brown confirmed.
EMS was called about 11:15 a.m., an EMS spokesman said.
Honeywell has been dogged by its safety record as of late.
The company's chief executive, Nance Dicciani, said July 31 she had shut down the plant, pending an investigation of two recent spills: on July 20 and July 29.

Gee, I wish I could stand in the background and cheer everyone on; that is if anyone but the lawyers ended up with all that class action money. The poor get cancer, and the rich get, well you know what they all get; that’s right, they eventually all get cancer, too. We’ll all die in our hovels and they’ll die in their mansions, too bad they can’t take it with them like they want to.