The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


A Values minded post for the Christian Right

Let me explain the post below to all you values minded folks. You just fell for
the oldest trick in the book. You went to the Republican store for their loss leaders
(discounted items intended to lure you in for bigger purchases.) You entered the
voting booth for the ban on homosexual marriage amendment, the possibility of
restricting access to abortions, adding regimented prayer in the schools (like every
child doesn’t say a private prayer before a test) and to have the 10 commandments
displayed on the lawn of city hall

You probably got those things, but before you left they stocked your shopping basket
full of goodies like, corporate corruption, war profiteering, torture of other
human beings (you know the ones that are already born) global warming,
and the always-present chemical goodies they spew out of their
enormously profitable plants that maim and disease all of God's children.

You voted for the anti Christ not once, but twice, naughty, naughty
little Christian half-wits. Hope Jesus is real forgiving when he gets
to your luke warm souls.

In other words:

You're straining at gnats while swallowing elephants.