The Poisoned Ink Well

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Old Time Religion (Why I don't attend church in my home state)

When I was younger and involved in the women’s movement, I loved to pick on the Nazis. We would go to the capital with our group and lobby for some bill of the moment; sex education, equal property management, or the ERA, and the Nazis (Christian Right) would be there, too. I was the youngest of our group of women, and I felt free to observe no decorum what-so-ever, since I had declined to have a reputation to protect, I loved to dog them to hell and back and I mostly got away with it. (I still do it on the internet as much as I can)

Up and down the capital steps, into this meeting, or that meeting, catcalls, insults, and disruptions, and I was tolerated (or so I thought). Of course that may be why some people still don’t like me to this day, but anyway picking on the Klan (translation Christian Right) in Louisiana, is how I vented, and let off steam when I was a teenager. It was my favorite sport. It was how I spent my youth.

They would come by the busloads from out in the country, or else they, like me, were some of those perpetual hangers on, that you would see when any bill was being debated at the capital. I was only 15, 16, or 17, so I had lots of leeway to jeer and make fun of them.

They would arrive under the guise of Christian Right, (really KKK) bibles in hand to fight sex education, or birth control funding; and would almost always dissolve into a litany of holocaust denial, and talking about mud people, and totally forget what they came for, especially if I got a hold of them.

My fun when I was young was catching them at it, and remembering things that had been said at previous encounters, and calling them on it. I called it sport, and sometimes I think of returning to my wild younger years.