The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, February 11, 2013

HEY Woody Guthrie We Need Your Fascist Killing Machine
in New Orleans

In Jackson Square
The people walk by you
And act like they know you
Call you a crack head right to your face
While laughing at how poor you are
And discuss how you must be illiterate
and all you can read are Tarot cards
They wrinkle their noses as if you smell
Even though you had a bath that morning
Make fun of your clothes
and apparently clothes can be homeless with you
Homeless clothes are a reason
To not let you use the restroom
But you when you bought them
You had a home
And they hung in a closet
Just a short time ago
Dying of thirst
And no where is the water free anymore
Close your eyes on a park bench
During the day
And you get a ticket
My long dead
wobbly father
who worshipped you Woody
 is rolling over
In his grave
Even he can't believe

Its against the law to take a nap
in the city of New Orleans

This is
Your land
Buy, Buy
Woody Guthrie
We need your
Fascist killing machine
back again

OH Wait

I forgot
all the fascist killing machines
must be in by 8pm

and that's a shame
cause  everyone knows
all the fascist
come out fashionably after

New rules
for a new, new

New Orleans

in the new gentrified
we used to call big easy
you cam't play music too loud
too late
don't party too hard
cause the rich people
living in the quarter
wanna go to bed by a quarter to 8

I might go all Villon 
on their asses
one of these days
start naming names
called me illiterate, uneducated
you over rated bitches and snitches
with your commissions
and citations
and decibal meters
I'll spit on your graves
after I'm dead
and Woody Guthrie's ghost is gonna play
all night
in your Mausoleums
damnned if you'll get
any  rest  at all
after you die
We'll dance on your graves
and the fiddles, guitars, drums, singers and horns
will play every night until

you fuckin bitches, snitches
fascist, tyrants and scalawags
ruin New Orleans
Marie Laveau is gonna get
all you bitches
even after you're dead
she'll reach in your graves

anyway while you're all still living

if that's what you call it