The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, March 10, 2003

The Bullshit Fairy

I want to take a minute and explain my blog process for you. This is nothing, but my own personal writing exorcism to rid myself of clutter, demons, and nice memories, too. I have many miserable things that I could write about, however I choose not to, and that may lead some to believe that I have had an easy life, trust me, I haven’t, maybe later I’ll share some of the torment, for right know I’d rather dwell on all the positive things that have happened to me along the way.

As easy as it is to write fiction it is much harder to write biography or autobiographical material; attitudes, ideas, and sentimental thoughts may creep in from time to time.

If you have an objections to the material, then don’t read it, and that is as easy as point and click.

I have to warn you that sometimes the Bullshit Fairy visits my pillow late at night and leaves a mess behind and then I have to deposit it here. He does this regularly. Maybe he’ll visit your house too.