The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

My crack is the Internet. My dealer picks up his cut once a month. People sometimes have misconceptions about me or over assume too much. I find that my keyboard is a very convenient drug delivery system. If the keys should start smoking when I am on a roll then don‘t worry reader there is a fire extinguisher present at all sessions.

Did I mention that he was a drummer (he could also play the piano, the guitar, and any instrument he looked at) and a very good one. He said he had perfect timing, certainly when he was a club DJ in Baton Rouge at the Texas Dance Hall for the two years he worked there he was one of the best. He could go from dance to country and back again.

When we lived in San Bernardino he would spin records at a club in Rialto and whatever band that played that week would let him sit in for a session on the drums.

We made awesome friends the short time we spent in San Berdo with likes of Buddy Reed, a friend of the legendary Muddy Waters (for the uninitiated the West Coast has an awesome blues scene) Donna Justice who had the most pure blues voice on a woman I ever heard. I went with her when she sang with Rod Piazzo at the Sunset Club who has the best blues band anywhere.

I got pregnant and wanted to come home to Baton Rouge where we met Mark and Mike Rogers the owners of Texas Club and Ric’s friends. Our best day there was my due date with Ed. It was also the day Johnny Winter came town and needless to say baby had to wait to be born.