The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I said a while back that I had some of Ric’s poetry. Here’s one. He wrote this one in jail. His Mother said there are more verses to it. This is what I have. Most of what he wrote had music, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have that.

Trip Through the Lair

I write a million letters
I never get replies
There are few familiar faces
in this little world of lies.

Shadows dim of strangers
And long forgotten fears
Once considered dangerous
over many, many years.

Silver rings of Purgatory
Set inside a rock
The years blend together differently
My God unplug this clock

Another screaming metaphor
Running in the night
With Armageddon's door ajar
And God's eternal light.

A martyr played the odds again
I never won a hand
Now I’m a stationary traveler
In never, never land.

R. Zetzer ( 03-1961) to (09-1994)