The Poisoned Ink Well

Monday, November 18, 2002

My thoughts before Yet another Louisiana Election

I had said in an earlier blog that the problem with Louisiana politicians is that they depend on a segment of the population with criminal ties, (that being a large group of prostitutes, drug dealers, and con artist, gamblers, or what have you) that have for years made it their business to be in the right and left hand pockets of our esteemed elected officials at the state capital.

Consider the average member of the electorate in Louisiana as someone with poor education and job opportunities and couple that with our lawmakers for profit motive for imprisoning it’s own citizens in paying facilities (They used to call them the poor houses in Dickens days)

Then let us consider the average dead voters in a typical Louisiana election, those being people who have already died of some horrible cancer or disease caused by their exposure to the chemicals that are dumped, made, and processed in that state, yet they still vote for their favorite Louisiana politician, that being the one who (allowed the industries in) and probably caused their deaths, anyway.

Now, readers I am back again to the same proposition, as I consider my long ago ties to that group of men, whom I know haven’t changed one wit with time, whether they fly under this banner, or that one; always using the winds of change as a barometer to decide issues left or right. (We have all seen them do this by sticking their middle finger up their anal orifice and then holding it up to the wind (the populace) to see which side the feces dries on first)

It smells like there might be a right wind blowing in Louisiana this year!

This isn't me talking, it's those damn pesky little voices in my head, and damn them, they learned to type and spell, too.

{{{I will close this chapter for now as I intend to write more in private. If the gossips of Baton Rouge wish to speak then let them. I can no longer live there or even feel free in my associations in that town. I loved one man in my entire life and lost him due to similar circumstances in his background. If it is true that misery loves company, then my only company is my pen and my bitter memories of my time in Louisiana.}}}}