The Poisoned Ink Well

Friday, November 22, 2002

I guess one of my goals in writing is to be brutally honest and truthful even at my own expense. I want to expose every raw emotion and human frailty, mostly my own. If the reader laughs when perhaps they feel they shouldn’t then my answer would be an affirmative. Go for it. I’m smiling at the ignorance of living in the here and now and that’s the way it should be. If someone becomes offended then I think they should be. Hate me, revile me, whatever, but understand my primary concern is to push the First Amendment as hard as I can. To beat on it as though it were a large stone monument seemingly oblivious to the pounding of my furious tiny fist. Like a door meant only for the elite, but open to us all with an awareness that any of us can be knocked over with the flick of some twit's wrist as an obvious irritant, an inflamed pulsing vein on the ass of the Supreme Court, not even important enough to be considered, merely another screaming voice in the cacophony with all the joy and pleasure (I get off on this. I’m weird) and as rambunctious as I can still muster. A crowd scene, if you will, in the privacy of my own room, hitting on flies and stomping on roaches as I write. I do it because I can and because I am curious and want to see how far I can take it within my own set of strictures and morals, yet never backing away from what I see to be real even if its not a part of the cultural mores of the day. Even if you hate me then I’ve had some effect and achieved some measure of promoting our baser primal urges that take us finally back to what it is to be human.


MY Thoughts on War With Iraq

To question the ethics and morality of our leaders is not un-American, but American to the core. We have a right to do this. It is what our country is based on.
And just because you don't support military action does not mean that you don't support the individual soldiers and their families. I'd like to see them all safe at home.

(Direct Descendant of Matthew Davis, soldier in the American Revolution, Halifax, NC)

[ I want to explain what I meant by the flick of some twit's wrist. I am talking about Osama (or whoever ordered it) and the twin towers and I am talking about Al Gore and the election and I am talking about those of us on a street level, us little people who are knocked over daily, by other little people like ourselves. I have no delusions of grandeur, or omnipotence, and I don't think anyone who breathes, or has a beating heart, or who is human, should either, we are all of us ruled by the same universal constant. I follow only God and no one on this earth and that is what I believe and I don't care who doesn't share my faith. I have my belief system worked out by this age and that's who I am. Left wing loony liberal writers like me believe in God and our country, too, even if we don't support the war machine or those who finance it.]