The Poisoned Ink Well

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Let me soften this blow. In Louisiana it is very difficult to find a member of the electorate that is lucky enough to have been provided with an ample public education or has been able to avoid that state’s draconian criminal justice system. And lets just say that everyone knows that all the snakes generally gather together in certain spots on the river and if the river happens to be the Mississippi and their nest is the state capital in Louisiana then who can blame them since those kind generally seem to enjoy each others company.

{{{{{Mad, thinks I'm being, too rough and maybe I am, but stop building for profit prisons (you might end up in one) and never vote away money from handicapped children (I worked as a nurse in your state and I know first hand what your cut backs have done to children and their families) and please quit siding with the chemical companies (We've all attended too many funerals to thanks to them)}}}}}

[Also, let me add that I feel quite qualified in my own aspirations coming from a good family that traces it’s heritage back to the start of this country and the American Revolution. I do own quite few oil paintings with scenic views of Baton Rouge dating back to the 1940’s and 1950's painted by my Grandmother. (A collection of her oils of Swamp Scenes appeared briefly at the Smithsonian as part of a traveling exhibition of Louisiana primitive art.) My grandmother E A H B was a well known beauty of that era sporting auburn hair and she spent quite a bit of time painting and sculpting while living on Chimes Street just outside the gates LSU of during that period. She also worked in the administration of OK Allen.]