The Poisoned Ink Well

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

To the rich and corrupt political bosses of that town let me state my rules of engagement and my reasons for doing so. I lay upon the table my humble sword in the form of a pen. I will not use any real names but will make fitting descriptions of all whom I have encountered and who have displeased me.

I wanted just one thing in life and from my former associates and it was not too much to ask. That was to be treated with respect and a chance to receive adequate healthcare following an injury. I wanted my child to be educated even in the substandard manner that Louisiana educates. Instead we were put out of hospitals and schools in that state. I was placed somewhere below human dignity and continue to be treated and talked to as an animal by the ‘good’ men of that town.

You don’t know what I saw all those years ago. You don’t know what I know. If you failed to detect the slightest bit of intelligence in my countenance hiding as it was behind the fluff, then I pity you and you are the one I intend to expose. I will not be so blatant as to talk of lucrative criminal enterprises (but be aware I do know of them) I only intend to return in kind the sort of treatment that my son and I received at your hands. If you were nice to me then you have no fear and by nice I do mean respectful.