The Poisoned Ink Well

Thursday, April 08, 2010

To those who have labeled this frivolous come cry with me sometime.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
by melanie
GOOD BYE GARY rantNow I put up my 2005 King of The Hill calendar and exotic landscapes and pictures of Mediterranean and Caribbean beaches will decorate my walls for 2006 and familiar months will reappear without him. May the 13, I said good bye to one of the best friends of my life ( 25 years of friendship) Gary. He called Renee in Baton Rouge just two days before his death and died on her birthday May thirteenth and she relayed the message right away and was going save it ( so I could hear it) and he said that he loved us both and it seemed like we had all been friends forever (he couldn’t call me because it was long distance) and then the next day her young son got in a car accident with his half brother and we held our breaths until we knew both boys were going to be ok and Gray’s last message was lost somewhere in the flurry of phone calls and saved messages from different ERs.And then I didn’t even know that he went into a coma and was in ER and intensive care, himself (He was dying of liver disease and HIV) because I let my son and his friends use my phone for employment applications and reference numbers (I seem so stable to them/ how funny) and one of them saved the message that he was in intensive care and forgot to tell me (teenagers) and I was working and I didn’t know it was there and his family (some of them ) misunderstood and thought I didn’t care about him and I heard of his death two days after it occurred and I called Renee and told her that he died on her birthday and she cried because we couldn’t recover the message and then said that now we can always remember him because he died on her birthday and we would celebrate his life with hers and she said Marie even though I don’t have his last words they were sweet ones and he loved you so much.Good bye Gary


MAY 13, 2007 (I Love you )
JOE died.
You haven’t heard from me in a while.
This is why?
The coolest human being on earth,
Who am I going talk to NOW?
Down the street Hot Springs
Central Avenue
Lucky’s Bar.
Beautiful women always
Surrounded him,
Julia, Jessica, Paula, Dahlia, Marlena
Red hair
Flying in the air.
Going so fast
The Tourist are in slow motion
Behind your chair
I can not believe I won’t ever see you again
May 13th 2007
What is with that date.

Love always
I promised two weeks before you died
I'd never forget
your kindness
I love you